3D - FASTLIGHT SURFSUP 2+1 SMALL (Single with FCS Base Compat.)

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The NEW 2+1 FASTLIGHT featuring Dimple Technology. Our new FASTLIGHT glass layup is Lighter with a smoother flex pattern.

The 4.5" is the a high performance smaller Single fin template combined with the 7.0 side bites creates a loose and fast Thruster feel. Dimple Technology combined with hexcore construction create a super Fast, light fin set up Great for high performance SUP Surfing and Modern Longboards. 3DFINS unique embedded graphic process takes Fin Art to the next level.

Fibreglass/Hexcore Construction (Single with FCS or Futures Base Compat.)

Surfer Size: 55-75kg ( 121-165 lb)

Single Fin: Height: 4.5"

Side fins: Height: 4.75" (120.65mm) Base: 4.65" (118.11mm).

Best Board: Medium-Large SUPs, Modern Longboards.

Best for Waves: Good for Small to medium waves.


Package Size: SET OF 3PCS

Product #: KKTDF0FL1

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