Adventure Paddleboarding Project Y X2 SUP

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Adventure Paddleboarding Project Y Stand Up Paddleboards (SUP) are multi-purpose boards designed with an emphasis on stability. These boards are ideal for beginners and families, yoga enthusiasts, and anyone looking for a SUP that will adapt as your skills improve.

OUTLINE: Generously proportioned and full-bodied from nose to tail. Parallel rails create a big stable work zone in the middle for beginners to feel sure on their feet, and for those who like to integrate yoga into their paddle sessions and need a steady platform.

CONTOURS: While primarily designed as a multi-purpose flat water board, a little extra lift in the nose and tail has been applied so it can adapt to riding small waves and turn easily off the tail.

VOLUME: The thickness has been distributed out to the rail to maximise the size-to-volume ratio. Boxy rails help the board to sit high on the water, and the tucked edge provides a really smooth feel when turning.

FINS: A large single fin provides directional efficiency and forward projection in flat water, while allowing for controlled turning when riding waves. FCS II side plugs make it easy to convert into a 2 + 1 set-up in seconds, and enhances the overall maneuverability of the board in both flat and turbulent water.

FEATURES: Ergonomic cavity carry handle makes it easy to lift and transport. Full-length deck pad allows for easy movement up and down the board.

Project Y SUP’s are available in key sizes and volumes to accommodate just about anyone.

Approx. board weights: 9’10: 12.14kg / 26.7lbs, 10’4: 13.07kg / 28.8lbs, 11’0: 13.70kg / 30.2lb


NOTE: rider weight is based on board volume and intermediate rider skill level.
9'10'' 32'' 4 7/8'' 195 ltr 11' Single 85kg / 187lb or less
10'4'' 32 1/2'' 4 7/8'' 210 ltr 11' Single 95kg / 209lb or less
11'0'' 33'' 4 7/8'' 230 ltr 11' Single ideal for all weights



X2 Epoxy

X-2 Epoxy is a multi-layered sandwich construction using epoxy resin, woven fiberglass and sheets of thin wood veneer wrapped around a Nanoweld EPS core. This construction method produces a light, extremely durable surfboard that's particularly strong on the deck.

The durability and strength of X-2 Epoxy boards make them ideal for SUP's, surfers who like to travel, and heavy beach break conditions where other boards are prone to breaking. X-2 Epoxy boards feel solid under your feet and can take an absolute beating while maintaining their appearance for many years.

You can find out more about GSI's surfboard construction on our surfboard technologies page

Board Concave

Belly Flat Double

Smooth entry with accelerated lift and drive off the tail.


This is a high volume rail.
Wave Height

0-3ft Waves

Surfer Skill Level

Beginner, Advanced, Intermediate