Big Board Schlepper - Longboard and SUP Carrier

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The Big Board Schlepper is an adjustable, over the shoulder board carrier to help you get your stand up paddle surfboard from home to the beach without having to balance it on your head or shoulder.  It's easy to use and features an adjustable extra thick padded shoulder strap and two adjustable easy clip on/clip off straps to secure your board.

The Schlepper fits most boards (straps can be adjusted up to an 81" circumference). You can also carry the paddle using the paddle loops contained on the carrier, which not only frees up your hands, but you can grip the paddle while you're walking to take some of the weight off your shoulder.

The Schlepper also doubles up as SUP board storage.   Just hang the strap by a hook or fastener on a wall for an easy low-cost stand up paddle storage solution - keeping it off the floor and out of harms way.

You can also order the highly recommended optional waist pack, which allows you to take the Schlepper with you while you're out on the water. When you're done carrying your board, simply fold up the Schlepper and slide it in the mesh waist pack and strap it to your hips or sling it over your shoulder.  You can also use it to store snacks, phone, ipod, keys, or whatever.

  • Fits most SUPs
  • Quick release clips releases board easily
  • Made of very strong materials
  • Contains extra thick shoulder pad

Product #: BS100