Three Palms X3 Longboard

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Three Palms Board Co Surfboards are purpose build to withstand some seriously rough treatment and repetitive use, which makes them perfect for the rental market and surf schools. They’re also a great option as an everyday utility board, or to have as a loaner at your beach or holiday house.

DESIGN: Currently available in three sizes, these boards have a functional outline with lots of width through the middle to give learners a really good chance to jump up to their feet once on a wave. Moderate volume throughout combined with a more tapered foil towards the rail means these boards stay quite agile and responsive for more capable surfers when riding unbroken waves.

CONSTRUCTION: Built tough for repetitive use at the beginner level, and designed to maintain their appearance in the rental rack over time. Our X3 construction has a high-density EPS core, timber inlay on the deck offering great impact resistance, and an ASA bottom; which is a very high-wearing slick material.

FEATURES: Microdot rubber deck totally eliminates the need to ever use wax while extending the longevity of the boards appearance. Slick rails help protect the boards from bumps and scrapes, and the end bumper is a great feature for rental facilities and surf schools storing the boards standing on the tail.

PERFORMANCE: While the rubber deck is relatively soft, the EPS core and the internal layers are stiff to resemble a standard fibreglass board, and which offer a level of performance above a softboard. This stiffness, along with the longboard inspired shape, will ensure beginner surfers have enough floatation and stability to paddle into small waves, and maintain forward momentum once up and riding. For more advanced surfers, the rocker and bottom contours encourage free flowing glide and easy turns off the tail.

NB: 9’0 is available in USA NOW. All other sizes will be available mid year in USA, AU, NZ. For all other countries please contact your local dealer


NOTE: rider weight is based on board volume and intermediate rider skill level.
8'0'' 22'' 3'' 60 ltr Futures Standard Tri Fin set ideal for all weights
9'0'' 23'' 3 1/4'' 76 ltr 8" Plastic ideal for all weights
10'0'' 23 1/4'' 3 1/4'' 86 ltr 9" Plastic ideal for all weights



X3 Epoxy Construction

X-3 Epoxy was created specifically to capitalize on the strength and durability of a multi-layered sandwich construction, with the added advantage of reduced weight and more flex. The unique combination of materials used in this construction creates a board with a lively feel that literally springs off the bottom.

Proven to add significant performance to SUP boards due to the added drive, acceleration and glide, the strength of X-3 Epoxy is also perfect for traveling surfers looking to strike a balance between durability and performance.

You can find out more about GSI's surfboard construction on our surfboard technologies page

Board Concave

Belly Flat Double

Smooth entry with accelerated lift and drive off the tail.


This is a high volume rail.
Wave Height

0-3ft Waves

Surfer Skill Level