Three Palms X3 Stand Up Paddleboard

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The Three Palms X3 Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) range was originally developed primarily for the SUP rental and school market who require a real work horse type product. However, we have designed these boards so that they can be adapted to suit a variety of applications. These SUP’s are stacked with features to make life easy, and are built to stand up to some rough treatment, not to mention they’ll perform well in a variety of conditions.

DESIGN: The 10’6” at 190 litres and the 11’6 at 220 litres have an all rounder shape with a slight taper in the nose and tail. The higher volume 11’0” at 230 litres has more of a rounded outline to accommodate heaver, less experienced paddlers.

CONSTRUCTION: Built tough for repetitive use at the beginner level, and designed to maintain their appearance over time. X3 construction has a high-density EPS core, timber inlay on the deck for strong impact, and an ASA bottom; which is a very high-wearing slick material.

USABILITY: A rubberised material covers the entire deck of the board. Recessed deck pads are added for comfort and to avoid lifting. Full-length reinforced PVC rail tape adds durability and protects both the board and paddle. Deep cavity carry handle in the nose of the board makes it easy to launch the board from docks and jetties, plus Kevlar reinforced molded end bumpers on the nose and tail help protect during general use.

FEATURES: Reinforced tail hole can be used to tie or lock the board to a secure fixture. Add bungee or elastic chord and the 4 deck plugs up the front can be used to store a Personal Flotation device. The fin also attaches and doesn’t require a screwdriver to lock it in place via the patented Wonder Bolt Screw. A deep ledged center carry handle makes it comfortable to carry for any sized paddler.

PERFORMANCE: More adept paddlers will benefit from the sizes with a the slightly more refined outline, and will also be surprised at the agility and response of this board. Entry-level paddlers will feel confident with the stability of the higher volume size, which allows them to progress and advance their skills.

Approx. board weights: 10’6: 12.10kg / 26.67lbs, 11’0″ 13.7kg / 30.2lbs, 11’6: 13.43kg / 29.6lbs.

N.B: The 11’0 Model will be available February 2016.


NOTE: rider weight is based on board volume and intermediate rider skill level.
10'6'' 32'' 4 3/4'' 183 ltr 9" Plastic 90kg / 198lb or less
11'0" 33" 4 7/8" 230 ltr 9" Plastic Ideal for all weights
11'6'' 33'' 5'' 220 ltr 9" Plastic Ideal for all weights



X3 Epoxy Construction

X-3 Epoxy was created specifically to capitalize on the strength and durability of a multi-layered sandwich construction, with the added advantage of reduced weight and more flex. The unique combination of materials used in this construction creates a board with a lively feel that literally springs off the bottom.

Proven to add significant performance to SUP boards due to the added drive, acceleration and glide, the strength of X-3 Epoxy is also perfect for traveling surfers looking to strike a balance between durability and performance.

You can find out more about GSI's surfboard construction on our surfboard technologies page

Ideal Surfer Weight

All Weights, 90kg / 198lb

Board Concave

Double Concave

Double concaves add lift and drive.


This is a high volume rail.
Wave Height

0-3ft Waves

Surfer Skill Level

Beginner, Advanced, Intermediate